Welcome to GOH Medical! If you are looking for more than a doctor that simply writes prescriptions you have found the right FAMILY PRACTICE. Our goal is to empower you to make BREAKTHROUGHS in your life!  

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From the tradition established at TienaHealth, Dr Conard brings his experience as the Chief Medical and Strategy Officer of Medical Edge to you.  Nationally recognized for excellence these systems and processes insure you get the right care, at the right time, by the right person, and at the right price.  Using the principles outlined in The Seven Healers, The Seven Numbers, and TED and Diabetes.




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Scott Conard, MD, DABFM, FAAFP – Family Doctor
Active in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years, Dr. Scott Conard is not only a passionate medical doctor, physician…Read full bio


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We bring entertaining, engaging, convenient, effective solutions creating life-enhancing breakthroughs in well-being, wealth and productivity for individuals, corporations and healthcare providers while being of service in our community and conscious of our environment.

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“Having Cheryl available to employees and their families has greatly benefited my wife and me. I initially made an appointment because having a highly qualified medical professional was convenient. I decided to make my yearly physical through this venue. Cheryl was more thorough in explaining my lab results than I had ever experienced! In a caring and concerned way, she told me that unless I changed some habits and lost excess weight, I would be at risk for a cardiac event. Since then, I have lost 30 pounds (so far) and hopefully am on my way to better health at age 65.

My wife, Becky, visited Cheryl for help with a chronic cough. PAs before simply gave her antibiotics assuming she had a sinus infection. Cheryl recommended blood work which revealed no sign of infection. She was given steroid tablets to control a cough probably brought on by allergies. The blood work also revealed that she is pre-diabetic. She is cutting down and eliminating most of the sugar in her diet. (Thanks to Cheryl, I got to eat Becky’s piece of my birthday cake earlier this week)

We both appreciate TXU providing such a wonderful program. In a word, we have come to trust Cheryl – that means a great deal.”

A. G.

“The clinic has been such a convenient resource to have. I am grateful TXU has provided this as a benefit. It has become more than a place that I go for a cough-I truly trust the care I am getting and feel the team really takes an individualized approach and follows up frequently, which is unlike a lot of other offices I have been to. I always leave feeling I have my questions answered and a plan to execute.” – T.D

“I visited the clinic for my annual physical and I had not been to the doctor in years. Cheryl helped me understand the importance of getting my colonoscopy, which I had been so reluctant to do, and helped me understand what risks I have for my age. Even if I “feel fine,” it’s important to focus on the prevention. I went ahead and got my test done and it turned out I did have some concerning polyps that if I had not addressed, who knows where I would be now. I am grateful to have this convenient resource for my family and I” – JP

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