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Tracking the Cases of Covid-19 in Dallas County

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Updated as new information is released regarding the number of cases in Dallas County specifically.

 7/16: 1,058 New Cases 37,996 Total Cases, 501 Deaths

The chart above tracks the daily number of new positive COVID-19 tests.  This is important to track in order to determine how quickly the virus is spreading. The flatter the orange line, the slower the rate of transmission.

An increasing proportion of COVID-19 cases in Dallas County are being diagnosed in young adults between 18 to 39 years of age, such that of all cases reported after June 1st, more than half have been in this age group.

Of cases requiring hospitalization, more than two-thirds have been under 65 years of age, and about half do not have any high-risk chronic health conditions. Diabetes has been an underlying high-risk health condition reported in about a third of all hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

Increasing outbreaks of cases are continuing to be reported from multiple large social gatherings since the beginning of June.

The age-adjusted rates of confirmed COVID-19 cases in non-hospitalized patients have been highest among Hispanics (667.4 per 100,000), Asians (187.4 per 100,000) and Blacks (136.4 per 100,000). These rates have been higher than Whites (43.8 per 100,000).   Over 60% of overall COVID-19 cases to date have been Hispanic.

Dallas County website updated at 12:30 PM daily: