Need exercise motivation?

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Need exercise motivation? Don’t set your sights on long-term goals like weight loss. Focus instead on immediate payoffs, like better mood.

If it’s workout motivation you need, don’t focus on long-term goals, like sculpted arms or greater longevity. Research suggests that these kinds of far-off goals are less apt to keep you on target. Instead, thinking about the immediate gratification, like more energy and a better mood, will help you stick with your program. According to Mladen Golubic, MD, PhD, medical director of the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, we are more likely to be successful with any kind of positive lifestyle change when we concentrate on short-term goals, like feeling better today, as opposed to in the future. If you have trouble seeing the immediate pay offs, it may help to keep a journal to document your mood and energy levels on the days you exercise.

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