Game of Health

GOH Medical Presents: The Game of Health

Do you find yourself wondering why your health is stagnant?  You know what to do, but doing it seems to be an elusive dream?  Have you had enough of saying your going to change but being unable to follow through?  If so, the Game of Health is for you.  An eight week transformation awaits you as we delve deep into why we find wellness and why change is so difficult, and find ways to really impact our health.  Set in a group environment but via telemedicine, join us as we transform what wellness looks like and win at the Game of Health.


What is the Game of Health? 
The Game of Health is an 8 week course designed to add years to your life and life to your years by empowering you to take control of your life.  It focus on seven key factors in your health, and helping you overcome whatever is holding you back. You will meet in a group setting each week led by your provider. 

The Game of Health program is centered around the book The Seven Healers, written by our own Dr. Scott Conard.  Each week, we will be addressing one of the seven healers, and it’s impact on your life. The Seven Healers are seven specific ingredients that every human being needs in order to survive and thrive in this life. The Seven Healers are Air, Water, Sleep, Food, Play, Relationships, and Purpose. Pulling these Healers into your life every day builds a vital life, taking them for granted leads to neglect and illness.

Do you want to live a Healthy, Fulfilling Life? 

Being healthy is more than not being sick – it is living life to its fullest. An empowered, full life reflects living a life consistent with our beliefs, values, and habits that shape every area of our life.

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    For those with insurance, the Game of Health can be covered by insurance. For cash payers, the price for the 8 week course is $240 or $35/week. There is no cost to our Direct Primary Care and Concierge patients.