7 Key Factors in Building Your COVID Resistance

Building your COVID Resistance

You have more influence over your risk of getting COVID than you realize! Although the Coronavirus can infect those that are otherwise healthy, how fast you recover back to health is based on how… your health! 

There are seven key factors, seven healers, that you need to be conscious of. By pulling the seven healers into your life, you decrease your chances of becoming ill. 

The Seven Healers Are:​

1. Air 

Shifting your breathing from rapid, shallow breaths to deep, slower breaths changes your body dramatically. With only three minutes of deep breathing, your body’s stress hormone balance and calm can be restored. By becoming aware of your breathing, you will be able to maximize the function of your lungs.

2. Water 

Staying hydrated is extremely important. In addition to nourishing your cells, water is a major detoxifying and cleansing agent in your body. Without adequate amounts of fresh water, your body cannot operate at its required levels. Don’t wait till you’re thirsty to drink- keep yourself hydrated.

3. Sleep

People who do not get enough sleep are three times more likely to become ill. Make sure to get 7.5 -9 hours per night for optimal health. When you sleep, you cycle through different stages through the night. Each stage allows your body and mind to repair and heal itself.  Adequate sleep also brings hormonal balance, stronger mind and immune system, and reduce fatigue and irritability. 

4. Food

Food is the strongest drug you put in your body. While making unhealthy food choices will diminish the quality and quantity of your health, choosing the right foods will enhance it. There are many foods that boost your immune (infection-fighting) system and build healthy gut bacteria when you incorporate them into your diet. Focusing on “living foods” such as fresh fruits and vegetables, minimize or eliminate processed foods, and skip the added sugar.  An easy way to simplify what to buy at the grocery store is called “Perimeter Shopping” where you stick to the outside and minimize trips down the aisles.

5. Play

Just because we are adults doesn’t mean we have to stop playing! If athletics or freeze-tag aren’t your thing, even 20-30 minutes of walking every day boosts your immune system and protects you from infection. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to be beneficial. Regular activity can reduce toxicity in your lymphatic system, reduces anxiety & depression, decreases stress hormones, improves blood circulation and refreshes your body with rich oxygenated blood.  We could go on and on, but aim for at least 20 minutes per day.

6.      Relationships 

Without healthy, loving relationships, we will not have a meaningful life. Learning to effectively manage the stress in your relationships, in and out of the workplace, is important. Keep in mind that in order to improve your relationships, you have to first improve your relationship with yourself.  No more talking down about yourself. “Good Vibes Only”

7.      Purpose

Evidence is accumulating that a sense of positive well-being boosts your immune system and its ability to help you avoid getting sick. Having purpose is the “why” behind what we do.  This is what makes you wake up in the morning and look forward to tackling the next day. A lack of purpose can cause apathy, which can easily affect these other factors. 

If you want to ensure you are properly incorporating these factors into your life, and you would like a physician to guide you, I would encourage you to participate in a course I lead called “Game of Health”. It focuses on these seven key factors in your health, and helping you overcome whatever is holding you back. 

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