GOH4Breakthroughs Member Testimonial

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Rick Schweikert, a member of our GOH4Breakthroughs program recently shared the following results of adding yoga into his routine…

“The continuing saga of Yoga for diabetes. You saw the result I received last class when I started with a good sugar reading and went down to an 89. I decided I wanted to really find out how good the yoga was for my blood sugars so I had a terrible dinner to try and drive up my sugars before class. Two hours after eating I registered a 123. I went to class and took my reading immediately after the exercise and had a 99. A 24 point drop is significant wouldn’t you say? I would say this teacher is on to something here and maybe it could help some of your other patients.”

To learn more about our GOH4Breakthrough program click here: GOH4Breakthroughs

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